Title and description of the exhibition. I expressed my own perspectives. It had to grab my peers' attention.
The banner on the 3rd floor of the New Adelphi building.
Q: How diverse do you think the industry is and why? A: "3/10, established designers hire mini-me's"
Postcards (used within the exhibition) of BAME creatives for people to take home & tell someone about.
Featuring work on show by Charlotte Edey (charlotteedey.com), Blue Spit Photography (bluespit.co.uk), El Quinto (el-quinto.com), Yasmin Falahat (yasminfalahat.com), Osheyi Adebayo (osheyi.co.uk), Aleesha Nandhra (aleeshanandhra.com)
The GIF on the monitor from the images above. 100 different BAME creatives from around the world.
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