Hi, how's things? I'm Jaheed Hussain. I'm a graphic designer, writer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I love working with words. Working with projects that have an important purpose. I'm continuously exploring and curating. Plus, I'm incredibly drawn into image-making and layout.
I've had the pleasure of working on several projects: with Design Manchester and Peel L&P, creating a piece of artwork now installed near The Vic in Media City, UK. A copy-led campaign for giffgaff and with Flux Magazine for Unmasked. Alongside that, I've written various editorial pieces for Yolklore in their first issue and Intern Magazine.
I've also worked on projects surrounding the social aspects to design; like diversity and inclusion, leading me to be the founder and curator of non-profit initiative Fuse Directory, a directory and network of minority creatives based in Greater Manchester. I created a brand identity, promotional materials and engaged the community through Instagram. Fuse regularly gives a platform to discover new creatives, while highlighting open calls and opportunities in the creative community. It also opened up the possibility to curate events called diffuse: creating a safe, inclusive space. The first, held in July 2019 hosted three workshops and various speakers. I conceptualised the event, and created design materials to promote.
I'm currently available for any freelance work and opportunities, send an email through and we'll talk! If you want to talk, that's cool too.
+ 44 (0) 7401856542
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